Build a better way to work your modern management platform

Json Sheet intuitive yet powerful platform gives everyone the flexibility to build their own solutions and speed up workflow.

The fastest way to organize any json data

It's more than a spreadsheet, it's a relational database at your fingertips.


It's not the usual spreadsheet tables, it's more.


Convert to Kanban and drag and drop cards to get things moving.


Create a powerful gallery view.Json Sheet.


Add counters, graphs and charts to visualize your data in several boards.


Discover new ways to analyze and visualize your data and collaborate more effectively with apps in the Json Sheet App Marketplace.

Multiple editors

Edit any Sheet together with team members simultaneously.

Create, the way you want

All the unique column types, that makes it so powerful.


Identify your text lines.

Long text

Expand the text into a long text, that supports rich text formatting and more space.


Format your number in decimal, currency or percentage.


Add anyone`s phone numbers.


Add anyone`s email and click it to send the email to them.


Also, mention your team members while you're chatting.


You can select your currency from input here.


Here you are given the type to select your date in the column.


Select date and time (option) through a powerful date picker on cells.


Here you are given the type to select your time in the column.

Single Options

Add single tag to your cells to determine categories, statuses and much more, via a dropdown.

Multiple Options

Add multiple tags on each cell and take it up a notch.


Complete the items, and mark them with that satisfactory checkbox.


Add any URL and make it clickable to open in a new tab.


Create your formula in type here.


Add your files, images, documents, PDF, etc. to Cell or bring them through your favorite cloud storage provider.


Scan any barcode with our Android app and automatically assign a barcode to any row.


You can specify the location of your data here.

Data Creation Date

The time and date of the data entered here will not change.

Data Modified Date

Here is the time and date that the data you entered will be modified.

Automate like never before

No more manually updating your Json Sheet spreadsheets. Leave routine work to robots.

Live updates

Receive comments and assign tasks to anyone in real-time.

In-built Data Explorer

Choose which data you want to see in your columns through the in-built Jason Sheet data explorer for different.

Easy-to-use editor

Edit your worksheet with an intuitive interface. add to Created & Modified.

Slice, Formulas, & Share

No more writing long queries. Filter, Sort, Search, Color, Share.


Enter data directly into a formula or reference values in other cells.


Filter rows and set different views with different filters. Cut your data, your way.


Set permission levels at Owner, Admin, Editor, and Viewer.

Collaborate with your team, from anywhere

Work with your team in real-time, from anywhere you want.

Real-time Collaboration

All at one table at the same time.

Commenting on Records

Comment on individual rows, and take your collaboration to the next level.


Even mention your team members while you're chatting.

Checklists on rows

Create sub-tasks and checklist on individual row, and stay on top of your todo list.


Set individual reminders on each row.


Never miss your notifications, whether you're added on a row, on a reminder or even mentioned on a record.

Advanced Permissions

Setup different access permissions on a workspace or even on an individual view within a table.

Revision History

Records all activity history on each row.

Share & Embed Stacks

Don't use it alone! Share and embed your databases, anywhere - in your blog, webpage or even in another app that you use.

Consolidate data

Easily pull data from multiple sources into an aggregated view to analyze data from multiple sources simultaneously.

Work from Json sheet

Use it on web, mobile or even desktop.


Mobile App

Desktop App