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Welcome to Json Sheet

Stop switching between calendars and task lists!

Json Sheet combines your work and home calendars with all your task management tools into one seamless experience controlled by a single app that you can use on any device.

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Create a new Json Sheet workspace in just a few moments. It's free to try for teams of any size.

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Invite your colleagues and

Json Sheets is better put together (no, really, it's a little uncool for you), and it's easier to invite your team.

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Try it once

Run projects, coordinate with your team, or just talk about things. Slack is a blank canvas for teamwork.

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Handle project your way

Visualize, plan and manage your projects with custom dashboards. Stay on top of progress, timelines and budgets by keeping every team member in the loop.

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Create your own custom solution

Build your perfect relational database, with over 25+ unique column data types. Develop it into a powerful custom solution with ever-increasing capabilities for your team or business. You are the pilot of this ship!

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Json Sheet can be used for free with teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage and automation.